The search for perfection

The story of San Mauro Olio Extravergine di Oliva is the story of Alie Doorten and her passion for the olive oil culture of the ancient Romans. In the Sabine Hills, just outside Rome, she founded Proprietà di Doorten. In 1995 she discovered the special qualities of Sabine olive oil.

In the following years, she bought both existing olive orchards and new ground that she planted with olive trees. Since 2004 she has been producing her own olive oil.

She decided to market her olive oil outside Italy under the brand name San Mauro and has since been dedicated to spreading the olive oil culture and the development of pure products based on extra virgin olive oil.

“Using ingredients in their purest, most natural form”

“It was in Italy that I learned to really taste and enjoy pure products. The simplest dishes were so deliciously prepared that I will never forget them. It’s all about using ingredients in their purest, most natural form. And this is where it all started; my passion for flavour, for real ingredients that you just can’t get enough of, for flavours that you want to share and experience time and time again.”

– Alie Doorten

Alie Doorten

The core values of San Mauro

01 - The best flavours

Our products are made from the purest natural ingredients that are grown in the local area. We follow simple, traditional recipes that really throw a spotlight on flavour.

02 - Only the best quality

Our products are of the highest quality, and we don’t stop until we achieve world-class results. We strive to surprise our customers, time and time again, with the exceptional quality of our products.

03 - Small-scale

We believe that small-scale food production has a positive effect on society, the environment and culture. And it is this belief that forms the bedrock of our approach. These three elements – people, nature, taste – are at the heart of everything we do.

Our family

The San Mauro story all began when we started producing small batches of olives from our own olive groves. Since then, a number of olive farmers from the local area have joined forces with San Mauro and the production of olive oil has expanded. Our range has been expanded with new products that are made from typical Roman natural ingredients in combination with San Mauro olive oil.

From the Sabine Hills near Rome

An area reputed for the quality of its olive oil for centuries due to its favourable climate and soil composition.

San Mauro

In the Sabine Hills, just outside Rome, she founded Proprietà di Doorten.In 1995 she discovered the special qualities of Sabine olive oil.